The Story of Konserve

Somewhen in the beginning of the year 2002 my dear girlfriend Christiane was about to finish her 120 pages long thesis. The day the thesis was to be handed in was still two weeks away.
Just for fun she started the StarOffice Installation Wizard and selected her home directory as location where StarOffice should be installed. For some reason she canceled the installation and the wizard was so kind to ask if it should remove the installation directory -- and did so!
Well, the home directory including the 120 pages long thesis vanished. There were no backup copies and ReiserFS did not provide any means for undelete so it was lost for good.

At this point the idea for konserve was born. It took a couple of months to get the basics up and running. But it was worth the effort, since during the work on my own thesis konserve saved important files two times (I have been rm-ing too heavily).

By the way, most of the thesis of Christiane could be saved because we found a several-days-old postscript file of the thesis on a floppy disc. The ASCII text could be extracted and after two days of heavy LaTeX typesetting it was almost like before.

The Name of Konserve

The root of the name is the verb: "to conserve", since Konserve is meant to conserve data for later use. But for a real KDE application the initial c had to be replace by a k. Hence the name Konserve. This is conicidentally the german word for "can", which again is choosen as the icon for Konserve.










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